From 1939: Victory Vegetable Soup


People across the world are all different. We have different cultural values, different beliefs, different histories, different facial features, different food tastes, different sides of the road we drive one… we have a lot of differences. But, you know what people everywhere can probably agree on? Going to the dentist is the worst.

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From 1912: Cream of Carrot and Onion


The year was 1912, and you know what I want to talk about? The Titanic. My brother and I were obsessed with the Titanic when we were little. My parents took us to traveling Titanic exhibits in Ocean City, New Jersey and Orlando, Florida to see artifacts brought up from the ocean, and in one case a piece of the hull they’d recovered. We had books on the Titanic, and we watched all of the documentaries about both the history, as well as the dives to the wreckage. We even had a computer game – Titanic: Adventure Out of Time – that we obsessed over. And, since we were little and we couldn’t really figure out strategy, we sent away for the game manual… through the mail!

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