From 1887: Chicken à la Bonne Femme


I love that even back in 1887 (100 years before I was born!), chicken was a go-to dinner. Chicken is so easy, and it can really become anything you want.

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From 1916: Chicken and Egg Sandwiches


It was the year 1916. Over fifteen countries were in the midst of fighting World War I, and though the United States hadn’t entered the war yet, times were tough. Eighty-five percent of men over the age of fourteen were in the workforce, and most of the work they did was in manufacturing – that means they worked in factories. The work was hot, monotonous, and dangerous, and the new addition of time clocks kept them going for around fifty-five hours per week. And, though goods of all sorts were beginning to be produced in mass, the newness of the mass-production culture inflated prices for those goods. Americans began to eat boxed cereals, as well as meats processed with lard, but they spent an entire third of their incomes putting that food on their tables.

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