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Me enjoying food in Montreal – maple snow taffy, to be exact!

Hello there! I’m Heather, and I’m a historian, a student of history, and someone who loves to eat. Twenty-nine and a half years old isn’t too old to start a new life, is it? Too late! Not too long ago, my husband and I packed our things and moved from a fancy-schmancy three-story townhouse in Tampa, FL to a teeny, tiny, little pre-pre-war apartment in Boston, MA that costs WAY more than the townhouse. Sometimes that’s a tough thought! But, newness awaits – new places, new people, new routines, new accents (BAH-STUN in the SUMM-AH, anyone?), new ups, new downs, and new adventures. I hope you’ll follow along!

So, I’m a student of history, like I said. I start my PhD at Boston College this coming fall, and I’m nervous! But, I love studying history – it’s fascinating. And, everyone has a history. Everyone. So, that’s really something that binds us all together. You know what else does the same thing? Food. Everyone eats, right? So, history and food go absolutely perfectly together. Like chocolate and peanut butter. Some people might say my blog could be the new Reese’s. Who specifically, you ask? That’s not important. But, some people.

Anyway, I’m going to be bringing you recipes each week that I find in my travels through the past. Recipes reflect the times in which they were written, and there’s so much we can learn from them. They have stories to tell. Let’s figure out what those stories are. I also want to encourage you to engage with your own history. The sad thing when it comes to history is that it can be lost and utterly forgotten if we don’t make an effort to learn about it and pass it on. So, I encourage you to ask questions, learn, explore, tell stories, share your memories, and make new memories. And, of course, while you’re doing all of that, eat!

Let’s make history in the kitchen!